Monday, January 28, 2008

A New Marshmallow! DKP Cruise 12-2-07

I'm really behind on posting photo evidence of all of these car shows, but I've been busy on YET ANOTHER volkswagen, the original Horace the HATE Bug (or, "Evil Herbie"), one of 2 villain cars from the 1997 TV remake of "The Love Bug".

At this point, I spent all of my time + money saved up to complete Herbie's restoration on the evil stepsister, so it was quite an accomplishment to get both of them running on December 2nd for Der Kline Panzer's annual toy drive and cruise:

Good and evil, together in the parking lot. The Passenger side mirror was a "stay up all night at the machine shop the two days before the show" special, as the car has quite a blind spot and wouldn't be able to avoid danger if I didn't clip something on the hood.

Of course, I was subdued and not at all excited about the new toy car.

Every Herbie nerd's dream... to have to choose between good and evil. By the way, the DKP chose "good" as can be seen by who they decided to feature on the cover of their website .

I'll have some pictures up from the movie car extravaganza from January's "Monster Jam" car show put on by the new car club I've joined ( soon!

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