Sunday, November 18, 2007

United Auto Thanksgiving Cruise

More from the Marshmallow:
This was my first actual VW show, so somehow I managed to fit my "Herbie: Fully Loaded" ejector seat (the rig which launches Justin Long into the windshield during the first test drive, in a shot used in all of the trailers etc.) in the rear of my car behind the roll bar, and the NASCAR wheel under the hood, making for a neat little display in front of the car:

People were stopping all day , taking pictures and asking me to slide the thing back and forth to show the source of Justin Long's pain. Lots of fun. Jason's Herbie was in attendance as well:

Both Jason and I won honors in the "most unique" category. Of course, my ribbon was 2nd place, and his was 3rd, so there was a bit of bragging:

There were a few other wierdly engineered vehicles at the show, including a 1957 oval window with a Mazda rotary engine grafted in the back:

The other one (which won 1st place for "Best Modified car") was this fire breathing monster, a 2.25 liter VW engine. The fuel path was a bit convoluted - a monster Edelbrock Muscle Car carburator equipped with NOS into a Garrett turbocharger:

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